No Place Like Space

Laser guns,
Killing off races,
Having fun,-
The Ape-man,
Well, he claimed my cave,
He ate my food,
Then he ate my slaves,-

There's no place,-

Told us why?,
And how to live forever,
And touch the sky?,
The Doobieman,
Ha, you all remember him!,
Well, he sells only the best!,
No seeds and stems,-

There's no place,
There's no - no - no place like space!-

And the future he saw,
The Planet of the Apes!,
He's seen to far!,
The Musicman,
Tuning his tunes,
Thrash Heavy Metal!,
Changed into blues,-

There is no!
There's no - no - no place like space,
There is no!
No place like space!-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 23
About this poem:
This one I wrote 5-11-1998. Strange how I sort of predicted the future off this. Next to "Neighbors part 1", this is one I may try out on stage coming up soon at a nightclub or a biker rally! Or just sell it to the highest bidder?! lol

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