War. For Yankee's challenge

war the game of power,
the toy of the greedy ones
it's vicious and heinous
it annihilates mankind
history witnessed this atrocities
but man never learns


here are some causes
I know there sre more
but the popular ones
they're hard to ignore

some say to reduce population
some say it's for fun
what's with all the profits
from selling nukes and guns

ah..what about the people
did they die in vain?
or were they just poor victims
and simply forgotten?

well here we are again
with Russia against Ukraine
much like always
nothing ever change

victims here and there
refugees everywhere
would you be so kind for them
and say a little prayer?

now I can say more
but I feel distressed
my heart is bleeding
and yet I am helpless

one thing I can say if I held the key
I would stop this madness
make this world safe and free
for you and me, and the whole humanity
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2022
About this poem:
I have written so many poems about war.
They are all in abstract forms.

This is one of the only rhymed piece I have done.
I hope it gives a clear message how brutal and heinous war is.

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lindsyjonesonline today!
My take on the Ukraine and Russia conflict is about to instigate a very volatile World war 3.

What's with all the nukes amongst the G7.
Good competition entry Lindsy,
Strong words. I like the rhyming.

lindsyjonesonline today!
Mizzy tganks. I was inspired by your outstanding poem.

Thanks Mic.wave

Both the costs and causes of this war today goes beyond just lunacy on anybody's crazy meter. It was so unnecessary if only diplomacy were unshackled by the chains of energy dependency. The entire oil industry has created and enabled the social-economic mess as well environmental catastrophe playing out in the world's economy. The world is at a tipping point both ways...... Your poem reflects on these causes. handshake
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks Yankee. There's a post on why West is at fault on this war.
lindsyjonesonline today!
pawns are mindless they do what they're told
the herds are pushed and ask no questions
you seem to be one of them I wouldn't doubt
you're narrow-minded you know not what is right

to be continued.
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