The Movie Has Been Over A long Time

Now that I'm older
I have the script I know the lines
But the movie has been over
For such a long long time

For years you have walked beside another guy
And I have never entered your mind
That's what I get for being shy
Yes the movie has been over a long time

But now I would know my mark
I would know every cue
But I was rehearsing in the dark
All the time I was missing you

Softly the music plays and the credits roll away
My name is nowhere on the screen for anyone to find
And I have only one line left to say
The movie has been over a long time
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 28

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optimisticmeonline today!
I really like this poem.
trurorobonline today!
Nice, particularly like the reference to an old movie
appreciate your comments
Great poem I so did enjoy reading this
Great write ! Please to read
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