Dedicated to a Hoarder

Yes indeed, freedom it is,
to write a poem that is
But why do you have to be a prick?
Been here for a very long time
Hoarder as you are I've never seen one

You might feel the need to keep writing
Fine and dandy I would say
But if you're not selfish and inconsiderate
The rules we'd expect, you should respect

Oh I think you can feel and understand
This place is enjoyed by everyone
So if you keep doing what you want do
There's truly nothing that can stop you

So this comment I've posted for you
Doesn't weigh any merit or value
But if you have a heart and mind to know
You must refrain from giving us more blow.

God bless you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
Common sense we all have it. Without which our understanding of one another is impaired. Need I say more?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Need I say more?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2022
About this poem:
Hope it's a good day today

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i think you mean tolerance! Its a
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