My life as a young girl

my dad was a farmer
and so was his father
probably even the whole generations
of his ancestors as he remembered

he told me all of his past
how difficult and hard life was
he hardly had a full meal when he was young
nor had shoes and or clothes to go to town

my situation was no different
same hardships and same element
in fact I remember it probably was even harder
I knew it very well I will never forget

but love and kindness my parents were full
they never ran out of compassion for one and all
they never complained nor expressed any disdain
for our being the poorest in the whole town

looking at our state, it made me think
I promised myself and told my parents
I would go to school, I would not fail
and change our life for the better

and so I did, with the grace of our Lord,
worked the hardest filled with courage
it wasn't easy my road was full of challenges
but I hurdled it all and never gave up

so here I am paying a tribute to my parents
to my ancestors and to the legacy they laid
no matter where I am and no matter what I have attained
I will always be grateful to the land I came from,

the beautiful Philippines, and to my parent's farm.

I will go home...

Note: My daughter Karen who is my eldest have always convinced me tirelessly to go back home and I am now set to do just that. Her family has decided to go and settle there for good and I couldn't be happier for them. Since farming was and is always be in my blood, maybe, that is my Destiny that is yet to be fulfilled to the fullest. I love farming and I will never lose sight to my past no matter how poor I was. I am still the same, only older and wiser, I hope. Thank you Lord for all the blessings you bestowed to us especially to my parents and those that were once as poor as me, but made it better with the grace of our Lord.
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Posted: Jun 2022
About this poem:
I'm forever grateful.

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Comments (6)

southmiami4321online today!
Very impressive past Lindsey. We never should forget our roots. Be grateful whatever the Lord has blessed us with. Enjoyed this piece of writing. SM. teddybear
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks SM. It's a beautiful life with our Lord and people like you sister. Have a very blessed day. bouquet
I loved that poem, I loved the story, and I felt it!
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks John.

It's a beautiful but poor childhood. Full of love and hope.
A beautiful but poor childhood, I had one of those as well teddybear
Teaches us to love deeply and appreciate life wine
Hello again beautiful lady hug
Respected Lindsyjones angel
Very well said. thumbs up
Your heart love feelings are great. bouquet
I really appreciate kiss
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