Grave is our destiny

the grave is our destiny
where none whatsoever can be changed
it's a wholesome place all to yourself
and nothing accompanying you but the wind

you hear nothing, not even their tears
that builds up from rivers to oceans
if only it was said before your destiny
perhaps it'd have made a difference

now you're all alone sad and forlorn
a world only you can dwell
but I know deep in my heart
everything you've had is remembered well

oh rest my love, soon I'll be there
where fate crossed not in this life
but somewhere love knows no bounds
and our love once more entwined
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2022
About this poem:
Soon we'll all meet our Maker

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Sad poem! makes dying horrible, the promise got lost in the description, sorry, did not like it!, I know, my opinion does not matter.
dont have to like it to enjoy
or share comments
its not the happiest place
there is a fear that comes with it

yes i also dont like it
for what it represent
that shows you got it right
thank you for sharing sistersad flower
lindsyjonesonline today!
Yes its a passage we'll all have to go through, but the last lines us a redemptive of value isn't it?

Of course your opinion matters John, always. Thanks for reading and commenting .wave
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thank you brother for reading it and posting how you feel about it.
We all die. But for now, let's all enjoy life as it happens. wave
Lindsy, I'd love to know what was going through you mind as you wrote this poem, I love how it feels, I can feel the intensity of your thoughts as you wrote it, but it was sad, and the final piece left me wondering!
lindsyjonesonline today!
Our journey on earth is a very short one John. We would all wnd up in one place where we're back where we came from. In between the beginning of what and who we are comes a very intense and beautiful feelings through love. In our minds and hearts we experience all the ingredients of what makes life beautiful. Sometimes we lose that love along the way, but they stay forever in our lives through our memories. Tge last line given meaning to our wishful thinking that perhaps after this life, we're going to be with them again.

That's all. wave
reminds me of the every day as if its your last....someday day youll be righthead banger
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks Phad
lindsyjonesonline today!
Thanks Painterman.
lindsyjonesonline today!
Reb, it's been a while. Thanks for your comment.
lindsyjonesonline today!
While death is inevitable, to me it's also a beginning of something I know to be better.
Respected LJ. angel
I appreciate it. thumbs up
One day we die. If we remember that we will die.
Than doing sin will be horrible for us.
As we heard that
As we sow
So shall we reap
Thanks for sharing. bouquet
Stay Blessed peace
lindsyjonesonline today!
Timotue, been a long time.

So nice to see you around and hope everything is alright in your life. Have a very blessed day Tim and yes sin is our biggest downfall but we all have hope for a better tomorrow by not sinning anymore. wave
lindsyjonesonline today!
"The senseless killings in America lately the Covid deaths and all deaths in between. I find that so many are more fascinated with death than they are of life.

To consider that the ancient Egyptians were very much fascinated with death because they believed in the afterlife in the hope that anything they suffered through in their time had to be better in death."

Yes killing seems to permeates around us look at Ukraine, war, is such a formidable hindrance to what love is. Funny that I was thinking of death as a natural occurrence but not like this, brutal and heinous act against our fellow human beings. I can g on endlessly on these brutal acts, the likes of Stalin who killed 30 million, Mao about 70 million and so on and on. In reality, evil always seems to overpower the good in us.
lindsyjonesonline today!
I will continue Dear Ninurta. Your ideas as filled with wisdom that if we heed them perhaps humanity wins.
The grave is the destiny for our physical body. However, the glory of Heaven will be welcoming our Spiritual Body with our last breath. So the grave holds no fear of loneliness for those who believe.

Sad, but true LJ. And I agree with godsprincess' comment on it.teddybear
Respected LJ. angel
Thanks for remembering. bouquet
No charm was here now you put charm again hug
So we will see each other on here & blogs. love
Stay Happy teddybear
lindsyjonesonline today!
It's wonderful for me to read your input Ninurta and I always marvel at the message it gives for today's world problems.

Thanks as always.
lindsyjonesonline today!
Kathy, yes I agree with you one hundredth percent.
lindsyjonesonline today!
Timotie, that's so enthralling to hear from a good man like you. I'm honored. wave
Respected Sweet Lindsyjones. angel
I am grateful kiss
The words used for me. thumbs up
It shows your mannerism. bouquet
It shows your generously. peace
Stay Safe hug
lindsyjonesonline today!
Timotie, we're blessed in your presence. Positivity and kindness when permeates around us, joy happens. I'm pleased to see you back and be a part of this place. A great pleasure to swim in your world Timotie.bouquet
Respected Sweet
Lindsyjones angel
I will always appreciate your comments. thumbs up
Your Kindness and Generosity. heart beating
A unique Lady you're. hug
peace bouquet
I have gone to my Mom and Dad's graves for the past two years and know they are with loved ones, but I wish they could have stayed here with not only me, but the rest who needed them too.angel angel
lindsyjonesonline today!
Mac, we'll all going to join them in heaven. wave
Little dark and a little sad for sure........ people from up this far north often escape from getting old by moving to sunny places like Florida......especially for the winter......and often referred to as.......The waiting room to heaven....... ol' yankee humor......wave
lindsyjonesonline today!
Yankee, I hope you'll have it as you hope.
lindsyjonesonline today!
A dear friend of mine just passed away and this poem just holds the sentiment of passing. May she rest with our Lord. Hod bless you Betty Lou. You're loved.
lindsyjonesonline today!
I think we're bound to that journey one way or another.
I just said goodbye to one of a good friend who just passed away. I'm getting old myself.
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