Letting Love Lead

Now, the time is come for me to carry on,
What was right then - time to pay the Piper,
Still, I wasn't wrong,
So quickly went that life on a perfectly jagged road--,
Letting love lead the way-,
Just to feel something where there was nothing at all,
Years to build - watching in moments to fall,
Once again, alone,
But still standing tall--,
Letting love lead you betrayed-,

Letting love lead you,
Then love no longer needs you,
What else can you do?
Just follow the sound?-,

So many paths you could have chose,
You chose love and what did you know?
A winner only to lose?,
Or the path you go?--,
Letting love lead astray-,
Now since time - it has come to change,
Without many words here left to say,
But there is you,
And you are still the same--,
Letting love lead-,

Letting love lead me,
Blindly knowing love can deceive me,
What else could it be?
I'll just follow that sound!----
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 20
About this poem:
I wrote this 6-20-2022. This is a sad, sentimental song that we've all had a taste of, or perhaps still has a taste in our mouth from yesterday's life. When I wrote this, I wrote it here before placing on paper/ music sheets. So, this is an original first draft without music or rewriting, adding more or subtracting less. Until then...

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Comments (2)

Never regret choosing love, there are risks. The other side sometimes comes with fakeness, they will know at some point he/she was the loser. SM
lindsyjonesonline today!
We can all relate to this. Love and fall in it's path can sometimes hurt if not completely mutilate us. But that's life, we can't ever stop falling in it's sweet tapestry until bam, yes, again we lose it over and over again.
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