I look!

I look, I see, what was meant to be,
But nothing is divine, nothing here makes
You mine,
All of our creation, and all of what
You can be,
It’s decided by who?......you at the
Back, you are me!
Sometime in some way in someplace
And somehow, you will know,
You are me! In the past in the future and
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 24

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Comments (4)

CelticWitch64online now!
I love this applause

and so much, I stole a line hole
optimisticmeonline today!
Well thank you, the line is yours....now you're not a criminal anymore. thumbs up
lindsyjonesonline today!
But I can't be you John?angel you're an angel and I'm no divine wine
optimisticmeonline today!
Oh but your are.....look and see......my name right here......lindsyJONes.
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