Free minds!

Free minds can’t see, free minds can’t be,
It’s all an impossibility, freedom cannot be,
There is no dictator, there is no creator,
There is no future, there is no past,
There is nothing here to last,
Simple minds create the crimes,
Profess their way, follow what they say,
And what you believe , well, it’s up to you,
But no one cares, because nothing is true,
It can all change in a heartbeat, because
Someone talks from a higher seat,
But be aware, for in this world I see,
Don’t ever say, because you will be,
the guilty party!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 29

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d4nI314online today!
Freedom's just another word, for nothing left to lose.
Nothing ain't worth nothing, but it's free ...

Thought provoking write, optimisticme. wine In the words of En Vogue, 'Free your mind and the rest will follow. Don't be so blind or be so shallow'. cowboy wine
Danielle, I love that song.
ReaderOfSouls, yes En Vogue say it, I'm too old to know who they were, I had to look them up on Youtube, saw the video, I was expecting Mr Smith to appear and Keanu (mr anderson) and be gravity defying opponents.

En Vogue was a very popular woman's R&B vocal group in the 1990's. They were absolutely HUGE! Their song, 'Free Your Mind' came to me as a result of your work. wine cowboy
d4nI314online today!
Welcome back, dear poet and soul friend.

I love that song too, the chorus I mean.
I used to play it on the guitar. smile
Thank you Danielle, soul friend with knowing.hug
ReaderOfSouls, I hope my work inspires more,.... thank you.
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