Making A Difference

If we achieve some of our hopes today
Then we become worthy ourselves to heed
Worthy as to imply our importance Hurray
Only imploring a greater sense of need

Truly a need to understand ourselves
And a need to understand our differences
Where might we rest our efforts to succeed
I think it is important we create sustainability

An ability for people to get together and conference
Speak about things and talk to each other to discover
A common purpose that we must seriously advance
Perhaps the environment for some, equality to others

Whatever your rhyme or whatever your reason
Together we can resolve what needs to be done
Get up and dance and enjoy the season
For all you know you could be one and gone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 6
About this poem:
Don't ever give up on yourself.

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Comments (2)

EXRED3online today!
All good and true in poet form no-less. enjoyed thumbs up
southmiami4321online today!
We all have to round ourselves with love, starting with self. We get stronger being in harmony. Enjoyed.SM wave
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