Some Things Rhyme With Orange!

She flew her glider off the Blorenge*
For she had a bird-like skill;-
And the flimsy craft was orange;-
('Twas launched from that mighty hill).

It took a long walk to arrange;-
This courageous act of will;-
To first mount this rill (or range);-
(The braveness does impress me still).

Her name was Angela (or 'Ange');-
She lived down by the old stone mill;-
Her surname could be "Gorringe"?**
Yes, I think that fits the bill!

© lovecanbereal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2022
About this poem:
* A hill near Abergavenny (in Wales), popular with hang gliders
** An English surname....note: any resemblance, to any person (living or dead), is purely coincidental
*** (Naturally this poem contains some assonance)...

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Comments (5)

southmiami4321online today!
To ride a glider should be very exciting ( For me I would just come along with my ?? ). Rhyme did it, LCBR. SMwave
southmiami4321online today!
?? was a camara and it did not come out, sorry.
Thanks, SM, your supportive comments, are always appreciated.....bouquet
laugh enjoyed the read. ---and i had porridge for breakfast grin
Thanks for the comment,
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