Truthfully life with no vision!

To learn, to know, to be, to grow, and all the could be’s, and
All the should be’s lost in ignorance, a waste of space and a
Waste of time, a waste of life no reason no rhyme,
At sixteen, just a teen, at twenty one, more to be seen,
At thirty one friends have come and gone, no lesson learned,
Not yet, still stubbornly bold, cannot be told, but there’s time
To be, and time to see, and forty one, same old song, hope there’s
Future not the final gong, so, fifty one passes by, at sixty one, over
And done, too late to be, to late to see, forever destined never to
Be free, you’ve lived a life of stupidity, now you’re wealthy and strong
So many things you think you have, so much riches you think you
Own, until you lie dead cold as stone!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2022

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d4nI314online today!
It's never too late, John.wink

At seventy is full of richness...knowledge, wisdom and experiences.

Ready to leave this life, or plane of existence, knowing who you are, and where you're going.
I agree with Dan, now we are older we can see things from a different perspective, helping others without the need for a clap on the back helps life go forward.
We do not have the money as you suggest just because we are 70 plus but watch life and dart in and out to do something to help our fellow men.

By the way i enjoyed your writing and the way you did it applause
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