For my Friend!

I have a friend, dear to me, her heart is gold, her spirit free,
Her trust is lost, in this poetry,
To lay her heart on the line, in words and verse, no more, not
Don’t leave this place my dear friend, don’t let it be, don’t let
It end,
We will unite, we’ll win this fight, together we will have a
Peaceful night.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 27

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d4nI314online today!
If you can't unite, or re-unite with her in this realm of existence, you may in another? dunno

Your poetry will still be heard, John, wherever you go and, maybe, some answers to your many questions.
My many questions I have answers to, but I leave it all up to you,
Tomorrow will be, tomorrow will be free, it all depends on what you see!
d4nI314online today!
I understand where you come from...and where you're going to .

I've also been there and have my answers.wink
Abby1963online today!
John- My heart on me sleeve this was a safe outlet for me . To come on a see the same crap going on is very aggravating . This’s used to be fun once and I’m sure that you remember that from years ago .feeling hurt by the words of others breaks my heart ! Has compassion for others come to an end ?Can you see light at the end ?Could to much damage be caused and there can be no turning back. the clock Ticks slowly time has stays the same . Can fighting and hurtful words ever be be forgotten ? United shall be .cheers cheers
Abby1963online today!
I’m sorry that my words may have effect some of my friends I just assumed that you knew this wasn’t about you I want to name my friend but I might accidentally forget to include some . The people I’ve talked about know very well who my comments were meant for teddybear
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