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Is poets corner the place to be?, to lose ourselves in our history? to complain in verse of a life gone wrong?, or sing out loud our favourite song?, let feelings out what's life about?, or whisper quietly, help someone out?, when someone writes abusefully, it's not their fault, they cannot see, allow those things to be that way, help them more, nothing more to say!
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Posted: Aug 2

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d4nI314online today!
The place to be?
Yes, it seems that way.
At least it's a safe place to express yourself without being criticised.

Also, you learn more about a person, their deepest thoughts and feelings, their joys and their pains...
than anywhere else on this site.
southmiami4321online today!
We are all here optimistic to write, just a click away.....SM
A better understanding can sometimes go a long way wine
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