Ballad Of The Old Stud

The old stud was restless in his paddock
He wanted one last thrill
Many obstacles he was to encounter
But he just couldn´t keep still

Longing for much greener pastures
He left the herd at dawn
Galloping through the meadows
Searching for a filly to spawn

A filly frolicking in a prairie
So graceful and agile
Her mane was flowing in the wind
But he couldn’t run a mile

He fell to the ground biting the dust
The filly had ran away
The pain was hard to endure
He just missed his last romp in the hay

The next day he slowly walked back
To the herd, to his mare
Head hanging low, huffing and puffing
The shame he couldn´t bear

Come here my old friend said the girl
I´ve been waiting for you.
Tear in her eye she shot him in the head
As he was begging her to do

Sometimes there´s a noise in the night
The horses are stirring
A silhouette can be seen amongst the dark trees
The old stud´s gone, but in the air his spirit is hanging
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 3
About this poem:
Just horsin´around

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Comments (11)

That's not horsing around Dani when you shoot the horse, it's murder....
what did you have to kill him for crying

Other than that, a lovely read applause
until ....

d4nI314online today!
Hiya Itchy girl.
Do you come here often? wave

The shooting in the head was because he asked her to in order to put him out of his misery.

I'm afraid that's what they do to race horses when they are badly injured.

This is not murder, just an act of kindness.
d4nI314online today!
Btw...the girl did it, not I scold
I used to Dani, back in the day I scribbled a few of my own together conversing

I thought famous old and injured race horses retired to meadows, goes to show what I!

Love the story and telling in your poem, the read was different and refreshing very happy

EXRED3online today!
wow Dan what a poem !!!! now i am not a horse but there are a few males i could shoot laugh

thumbs up thumbs up
d4nI314online today!
Some horses are kept if they can walk, that is.
As a horse that can't walk, being a herd animal, is a dead horse.
d4nI314online today!
Really, Red? wow

But you're a horse person, aren't you? wink
Wow, I just loved this, very rare when I feel what I just felt, d4nI314, you captured more, the background story was inspired, beautiful written, lovely!
d4nI314online today!
Thanks John.
Of course, as you probably know, there´s a lot more than meets the eye.
One has to be able to read between the lines innocent
godsprincessonline today!
Very sad and heartfelt poem. Love poems of animals as they have feelings too.

d4nI314online today!
Thanks Kathy.

I also love animal stories and have many to share, especially horses, as I used to work with them and sponsored a lovely Arabian gelding once.
I even wrote a book about him as a children's story.
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