Here seldom seen

Seldom here seen are snakes in the grass
too smart to lie in the path of larger beasts
like you, and me they scuttle away
but birds know when they're in the trees
and will shrill and shriek on spying
a python hanging from a branch

beautiful creatures they are
though the small birds in the neighbour's cage
probably thought otherwise
as did the neighbour
seeing the engorged python
trapped in her cage.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 4
About this poem:
Snakes and earthquakes brought out the bird calls and warning.

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laugh laugh loved it and so true if you took it literary thumbs up
FargoFanonline today!
Not exactly 'took it literally' but it prompted a memory so I moved it there.
Here you can see black snakes and brown snakes sunning in the path on bushwalsk
and on occasion a python might slither along the balcony
or even inside looking for a mouse,
and of course for possums in the roof
Wow, that's one heck of a memory, Fargo! I've heard of the pythons and the brown snakes there in Australia. I understand that you have to be careful of them while stepping outside barefoot. Isn't there a snake there called a taipan(I believe?) Definitely snakes folks don't want to be messing with. shock cowboy
FargoFanonline today!
Yes indeed there is a taipan variety, extremely venomous, but very rare.
Also tiger snakes. Our common eastern brown snake is almost as deadly as the taipan but causes more deaths being so much more in number, and they live in populated areas.
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