I'm Lonely Today

I'm lonely today
And I'm thinking to my self
Cause I have to
Cause there's no one to talk to

And I could almost cry
How the years have gone by
I guess I'm in a bad way
I'm lonely today

The fog has rolled in thick and so early
And the morning looks as lonesome as me
I wish the sun would come out and break it up
I would relax a little and sit down this cold coffee cup

This is what happens when thinking to myself
But you see I have to
And the only thing I have to say
Is that I'm lonely today
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2022

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llaimeonline today!
Sir, you are,not lonely . God is always with us but we often do not want to hear Him.
There are good words in a Russian song " I am not lonely while I am with you : " trees, birds and clouds ".
This poem of yours is as nice as all the others . Thank you.
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