My Sweetie Pie.

She glares at me with warm brown eyes;
Her posture, firm and unyielding.
I glance from my laptop to her face,
And she sighs, impatiently…still waiting.

I think I know what she wants;
But is it time? No, not yet.
I glance upward at my clock.
So what does she want me to get?

She changes her posture and lays down on the bed;
She rests a front paw on my wrist.
She’s annoyed with me now and makes a low growl,
In hopes that I’ll get the gist.

I’m not very good at reading dog signs,
So I have to guess at her need.
It’s either she’s bored and wants to play catch,
Or maybe it’s time for her feed.

How would I live without her in my life;
And how did I manage before?
She lights up my days and keeps me in tune,
She’s my life-saver for sure.

Few things I have with me can give my life joy,
Like the joy she inspires in me.
Sweetie’s well-named; she’s a ‘sweet-tempered’ soul,
And a gift that keeps giving sweetly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 28
About this poem:
My sister and ex-sister-in-law often say that my dog, Sweetie Pie, behaves much like a real person. They describe as being “a whole human”. She amazes us.

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