The Game

Sitting here waiting for the day,
the price I may pay,
Age old, not knowing how
this came be, I cannot see,

For once I was young, seems
like yesterday, where life went
I cannot say,

Life is gone in blink, before you
can think,
It's over and done, the final mile
makes me smile,

As I watch it begin, heaven and
hell, love and sin,
Everyone going nowhere, noone
to care,

Passing time in circles, running
through the gauntlet of life,
Imaginary worry, and Imaginary

And when it's over, we start
again, to play this game,
always the same,
trouble and strife in this
game of life.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 28

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Comments (2)

Wow , so very true your poem is ,Sometimes we just need to see things more clearly beer
CelticWitch64online today!
We will never see how quick life passes by, simply because we forget how long it took us to grow up.

Depressing yet an understandable poem, even if I do disagree with it's end...JMO.
Interesting nice write wine
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