Love Hates To Tell You

Tomorrow sends me to a stony ground,
Stoned today, but my voice echoes with sound,
Only to be recalled,
And you remember who I am, -
Love hates to tell you, -
Mr. Morrison said the West is the best,
He saw something like no one else,
From my many trips,
I know what he meant, -
Love hates to tell you, --

Long ago,
Life shattered, but we move on,
Being only a man,
Wine, women, and song, -
The writer's right!
But what have we won?
The dreamer's dream?
As we watch another fading sun, -

Today, another day, flying first class,
Placed in a limo
Fed high grade grass,
How much longer is this going to last? -
Love hates to tell you, -
Mr. Hendrix said the story of love is quicker than the wink of an eye,
So right,
But you refused to ask why?
Now, no time to compromise, -
Love hates to tell you, --

Long ago, no -
Let there be you and I,
Every day is worthy,
Yesterday, a cloud that has only passed us by, -
The writer right!
And we have won!
We make dreamers dream!
As we watch the fading sun!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 1
About this poem:
I wrote this one 9-1-2022. A song that needs some changing, perhaps? When writing this, I could've gone in many ways, but this is only a rough draft. Hope you folks like it!

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