The Quotes Garden - III – The silence of the crickets

The quotes garden - III - The silence of the crickets

“My shadow falls, along the grass,
Where lovely crickets mourn,
Under the moon, with veil of brass
And clear dreams, from silence, born.
It seems I hear : “This too shall pass” -
O, alas! And yet, they sworn
That will protect my soul of glass,
But they just broke it, with their horn!..

They’re dropping down the bass
As if they hear my silent cry
That kills the moon, under the grass,
And yet – alas! They ask me:” why?!”
A cricket was my sweetest lass!..
When mourns with me, I think I try
To die with it - but silent, says:
“This too shall pass”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 8
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