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Stellar Gold

my lust,
stellar gold.
Star dust,
a story that will never be told.

In a tin can.
through a magnetic field,
like a blind man.
my fate is sealed

all insterments,
Are out of wack.
Alot of hints,
we're never going back.

Life support's failing,
It's hard to breathe.
my body's ailing,
I can only seethe.

I hate technology,
how's it failed me.
I've got no apology,
But I do decree.

Out here there's nothing,
a lifeless void.
on a quest for something,
my ship's distroyed.

1000 souls,
traped aboard.
No one left to extol,
all that we've explored.

I'll close my log,
and then my eyes.
my minds a fog,
no more blue skies.

my life is fading,
I miss my wife.
My ship's not lading,
story of my life.......

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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Comments (2)

Hi, chuck_007,
Although we all could use a "Stellar Instabackup Gold", it's being on a quest for something that defines life. This poem, brought to us by technology, is full of images that each reader will explore with their own map. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it.
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by Unknown
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