The Quotes Garden - VIII – Amid the roar

"The Quotes Garden"

[ VIII ]

Amid the roar

“Behold! There’s one that’s peaks,
Without to whisper what hath spoken
The core of what a curse of bliss, thou lore!
It such as young, too old, an eye that seeks
Within where’s path the twister thee awoken,
Amid the roar where dragon’s lurking shore
A sun, thou hides the moon that shines, thine fore!..

Thou ART what’s spark that rhythm thee finds
Thine Soul as shining what’s above, below!..
Where’s birth, or death, o, Muse?!.. Thy lore,
For what one speaks and twists all minds,
Amid the roar that binds a whole, from high, to low,
For I – the dot, to cease what’s ticking within core?!..”



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Posted: Sep 22
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