In My Meadow

The sunlight silhouetting an amazing canopy
Grass more green than any time all the year
Shadows now larger than summer's smallness
Makes you wonder as you watch when it appears
Like fingers crossed symbols of luck they bring
The autumn season will take longer to pass
How the weathered leaves rattle in the breeze
The ever shifting clouds curving across the sky
The emblem that I love snapping to attention
Then resting at ease in the calm afternoon
Trained to all the mornings glowing valleys
Glory to the life I own in my west meadows
Tied to all our country's strong moorings
A fabric of love and devotion to family will I sing
A fierce determination towards freedom
Life hanging desperately at times by a thread
I shall seek no further and ask no more
I shall not cower in the shadows that hide me
I shall not attempt to overcome all the tears
Because if I do I have to commit to it
So, I can’t stand back any longer in fear
Because fear is not something I contrive
I don’t recognize fear so what keeps me alive
What possible example does fear represent
How it belongs to anything I ever thought about
Possibilities created against guarantees
I seriously and most substantially disagree
But getting back to that sunset in my meadow
The grass is really, really getting green
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 27
About this poem:
Discussion about what fears us and how we overcome fear.

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southmiami4321online today!
Good write. Words nicely spread out about fear, tightly with nature's presence. SMwave
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