As the World Turns Day After Day

Day After Day as The World turns.
I don't quite know what it is like to be you but.
I'm not that far off to not notice your pain.
Which is something I have learned.
I did try but you far proved you weren't you.
This routine heartbreak could only go so far.
My limits are not to gain nor be intimate again.
No apology will EVER be Taken.
I hope you are shaken as it doesn't take much to notice.
When you beltch out the loud speaker you have spoken.
2 different Divorce announcements has been a blast.
The smoke is clear. That was Great!!! Find another Date
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2022
About this poem:
It's about a fictional Predator who goes on vacations for a thrill.

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The world turns day after day and you sure don’t know what it’s like to be me.
What pain do you speak of? You have learnt nothing. You may have tried, but not far enough, I’m always me. Only the heartbroken can say enough is enough, but the memories of me will linger in your mind wishing and hoping for one last time. No apology will be given, as my spoken words were clear. The divorce rate is high, so tread on calm waters and make sure you can swim before diving in.

It is better to have love and lost than not to have love at all.
Only the heartbroken can respond to this statement.
wave Hello Friend.
I hope you like my poem. This was my first try.

Did I put a smile on your face? dunno cheers teddybear
Fadedbluejeansonline today!
hug teddybear hug Another day Another night.with all my friends left and right.laugh
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