Edge of Darkness

Getting ever so close to the edge of darkness
I see it with great starkness

My beloved calls to me as she walks out from the foamy sea
Her beauty is beyond measure and truly a treasure

Surrounded but very much alone nothing but, painted faces molded like stone
I see the emptiness of my soul and the depth of black water waiting to drown me in a very deep hole

Many will tell me I dug myself into such a place
Hence, I am but, my own disgrace
Oh they say there is always a choice its just a matter which voice I am willing to hear that will wipe away my fear

The edge of darkness is just too strong and there is no ideal truth or pretty song that will make things right or wrong its where I belong

Pretending for just one more day of hope but, finding it still too hard to cope whats just one more shot of dope?

Oh how it feels to escape the pain I dont care what it does to my brain all that matters is for a moment to break the chain

The edge of darkness is near I can actually embrace it and have no fears I cant even recognize my tears all I hear is the ringing in my ear

Soon it will be over I will be on other side there is no more reason to hide
To those who know or knew me I say goodbye. I will fade away and be just a vapor of empty thoughts that once took space but, had no face

The darkness is near its coming upon a black shadow ever so clear. The knight upon a mare he rides upon a cloud as death is his shroud
He comes to take me to a place I have never been
All l see is a frightened little boy sitting alone among his broken little toys and a box full of his sins

Yet, who is his judge but, the fool he sees through the looking glass feeling like a stupid a** yet, he knows he is easily replaced by 100 other would be suitors for a bride to sit on their grace

The knight upon his mare rides through the darkness of his soul as he blindly rides to his demise as the shroud of darkness covers his eyes

He journeys through the dead of night high upon a hill to his delight. The valley below is full of shadows and sounds of cries and moans that shake the stones

Oft in the distance there shines a light ever so bright. There stands his beloved as she calls unto him come and take my hand that I may guide you to the light.

Walk away from the world you know and step into where you belong where silver streams flow
and pretty flowers all in a row await to feed your soul

On the other side of the edge of darkness rests the light of love and beauty with all its mystery.
If want you want out of the darkness step into the light and see all your cares and burdens wash away in the hope of a new day

The choice is yours silly old fool. You can ride upon your mare to the edge of time and space and still be lost in your disgrace or change the path your on before its too late

Dont let this world around you decide your fate old boy make a stand to stop playing the fool
Stop wasting your life on silly damsels who have no heart who play you like a tool

Your Knightmare is half finished and you still have time to create a dream if you believe
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 5

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CelticWitch64online today!
Reading your poem reminded me of a person or two, including a little of myself as well....

Deep dark read, but for the right reasons, I like it.
very good wine
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