Bright Bright Bright Like a Star

What kind of world do you enjoy

A world you helped to build

Or a world you helped to destroy

What kind of remembrance is there

Marching past past past our glory

Parades through the streets each year

What else is there to life that brings joy

Only hope hope hope is our quarry

What next our economies seek to employ

When we need not run from every scare

Even when we tell our scariest story

Shining light light light upon our fears

New discoveries will make us all aware

Still in our orbs we live so round and safe

Glowing bright bright bright like a star
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 19
About this poem:
A little tribute to the enigma of hope and humanity told perhaps somewhere in a cave all huddled around a fire.

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Comments (2)

southmiami4321online today!
Nice realistic poem Yanque. I'm still on the side of hope. Our human spirit keeps us going yet we need to figure out a way out and not let our fears blind us. SM
SM You are so right to say that. It seems like everybody these days prey on our fears; politicians, news media, some religions, governments, lawyers and law enforcement, etc, etc. People around the world cherish liberty and freedom much more than they cherish anything else......and truly only the courageous people rise above their own fear.
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