Coming to terms

Coming to terms with the end is coming, to run to the goal to the evil rush illustrates born, everywhere take me in a taxi to score I want it all I want it all,
I wanna drop to my knees pray to steal pray to God endless heal is the suffering endless is how it is.
Endless is how it is. red reliefs looking out for the thief,
winding road to freedom from a pain in the rain desperate corpses run free run free. Muses dying everywhere muses dying everywhere it’s as close to death as I like to be just a memory just a spike. Take it easy on me take me away I’ve ended yesterday. I start again to begin another day blood rushed eyes rush in the evil rush. Death becomes a fad in eternity’s im glad I’m dreaming of feeedom chaos,
choose your battles everything comes down to a once choose hear the voice the calling from within,
to not try steal not try cheat. Everyday all ways points to sin. Do we run no we manufacture someone,
Dealing it around don’t make a sound. Death is close by just say high take me away take me away,
This is pain this is eternal rain this is how it is.
Dream recall serpents hall. Damnation you cried you felt that goodbye. The evil rush don’t dismiss the evil rush. It strikes a pain to begin again take away my sword I’ll rule again from within, let it begin. Let it begin.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 9
About this poem:
Just something I wrote

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