Since the age of the dinosaur,
When all of Nature ruled supreme,
Then all was run by Gaia's Law,

And this new Earth was one blue dream,
Before the dawning of our age,
That heard the first tree-monkey scream,

Then whence from Evolution's page,
Stepped out the first bipedal ape,
To beat his chest in hairy rage,

And to yell with his mouth agape,
Then later on savanah plain,
Did he then make his great escape,

As there, now, does a trace remain,
Of his ancient hominid bones,
To lie there in the dust's refrain,

As the Creationist now groans,
To hear me tell of this stark truth,
His fantasy - he now bemoans,

Those fossil bones, in stone, are proof,
Of these long times, (now gone before),
When the cave's vaulted stony roof,

Girdled Man on its dusty floor,
The nascent Human newly mint,
From the long eons of his war,

For the first Eve, was hairy bint,
When so hairy was her glory,
And the first Adam did newly hint,

(Though, well, that's another story),
And so now, to, the Globe at large,
Came our Man all gruff and hoary,

Upon the World Stage, he did barge,
As the hair fell from his body,
The primal brain, it did enlarge,

He walked straight just like a rod - he,
Held up the Earth, like Atlas, now,
With a confidence not shoddy,

But this I say: - I do avow,
"What's become of Humanity?"
With each as greedy as a sow,

In this world's gross inanity,
Ship run aground on shallow shoals,
When all is but a vanity,

His burning of the oil and coals,
Does now heat this sickly planet,
As Earth, it, in the Cosmos rolls,

(Well, I doubt a god did plan it),
So this, his globe, he now must cool,
Or, to everything, say: "Damn it",

Well, yes, Mankind, has been a fool,
With his overpopulation,
And, this, I say, must be his rule:
STOP!, before there is damnation!

© lovecanbereal
All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2022

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