The Quotes Garden - XXI – Breathe

"The Quotes Garden"

[ XXI ]


“Breathe in, -
As in a moment you go deeper;
Deeper; alike a whisper,
To let you in, as my keeper.

Breath out.
And here you are; with me,
- In the eye of a twister –
Whole; - quiet as me;

Breath in.
Just let me be –
The pulse gathering you,
The life in a squeeze –

Breath out.
Now let me freeze
- Within your gentle breeze;
A heart is humming for you.

Breath in.
Let me wait for the cue; -
Tick, tack, - tick, tack, - tick, tack.
- That’s how much I love you!.. -

Breath out.
Follow this maze, to come back,
- Spinning deep, in my heart,
A keynote piercing the crack;

Breath in.
Follow the dot on the chart,
Finding my soul –
A soothe; a cradle; an oasis;

Breath out.
We are a whole; –
Everything what is art
It’s on a regular basis.”



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Posted: Nov 11
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