I used to weigh 135 pounds in 1984
Seems I have opened the door
To Mountain Dew and Mello Yello
Too much of that drink could kill a fellow
Taco John's used to be my thing
Then I went to Burger King for an onion ring
McDonald's dollar menu seemed real cheap
But as they say, what you sow you reap
Yummy food and too many video games and tv
Made a mound of a man out of me
I can barely walk now, but I'm trying to fight back
To a 1987 weight that puts only 165 pounds on my back
Less weight on my knees and my feet
Feeling good again would be so neat
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 12
About this poem:
I got injured from work from too many hours, but I feel I would have been able to stand it if I had been at a better weight. I was 217, now 203, still 38 pounds from my goal.

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southmiami4321online today!
My goals are not as much as your but I will be trying Golo to take off some weight. Need some pounds off. SM
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