The Quotes Garden - XXIV – Silence

"The Quotes Garden"

[ XXIV ]


Frozen drops
In a sleep,
Pearly chain, - relief,
From a snuggle;
So soothing, to me…

I may flee
Wherever it
Takes me –
Eager to see
There, over the shore,
A grain of sand, –
To just lay my head
Into this cradle;
Yet, there is no sound;
No rhythm.
Just a white, deep
Of these crops –

O, set me free
Wherever it
Pleases Thee,
Sinking deeper
Into the sea –
For that is the core
Where there is more!

A grain of sand; –
Under this beam,
How did I land?!

It cures me.
There is no grief.
No pain. No struggle.
But only a deep,
Never ending dream
In which all stops.”



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Posted: Nov 19
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