I'll Fly Away

My soul is eagerly awaiting to take its flight
To the land beyond the sunset
Where my loved ones await my arrival
At the pearly gate
With outstretched arms,
There will be no more pain
Nor heartache or tears
Sleepless nights will be
Perpetual rest.
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Posted: Dec 25
About this poem:
So weary to go on.

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Comments (5)

I wander if it is so.
No one has visited the other side then returned to let us know.
No one has & I do not want to return,I hope to meet my loved,everyone I guess has this hope.
Thanks for reading.
EXRED3online today!
hug hug sad poem but nonetheless a worthwhile read. I wish for you everything you wish for yourself teddybear
Thank you Red...you have always been so gracious.
Bless you,have a wonderful New Year.hug
Oceanzestonline today!
Wishing you the best to be with us for New Year Lilygold, NZ is a good place to be..
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