Having Fun

Wiggle and jiggle
Tiny hands hold tight
As they ring around
Playground on site
Laughter springs off
Bodies slide endlessly
Monkey bars stand tall
While climbers hit the top
Oldie grandma yawns
As a child smiles at the site
Teardrops are like lolly-pops
Make baby cry non-stop
Bag hopping some do
Enjoying popcorn too
Swings gain height
Some too heavy to cling
Water sprinkler
Splashes out pumps
To cool the newbies
Girls and boys
Fly their kites
Run their skates
Mother teenager raps
Tight to musical
Ending the last vacation fun
On this hot summer day
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 18

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Little children always have the best fun!applause banana laugh
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