I have only ever
Been bitten by dogs and monkeys
None other deems me worthy of a bite
Stung of course by blue bottles
That is every Sydneyites plight
A close call or two
With a funnelweb
lodged in a shoe
An unwritten law which is sound
you should always give shoes left outside
A knock or two on the ground
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 20
About this poem:
The monkeys were in China!

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EXRED3online today!
You always make me laugh laugh but has a lady never bitten you ???banana
FargoFanonline now!
the two monkeys in Emeishan China were both female (just as well, the males are much much larger!) and there was laughing conjecture about the female's liking for the laowai!
Didi7online today!
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for
Oceanzestonline now!
aagh blue bottles, yes occasionally here, little horrors very mad
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