The pool

One day I woke up feeling old and gray
I tried to get up and to my dismay
I felt I couldn't go about my day

I looked around me and saw I was in a different land a hot arrid city with trodden sand

Buildings of adobe stone and wood and people dressed in tattered cloth scurrying about as busy as they could.

Within the center of the village there was a pool the water was sometimes bitter but, reasonably cool

Many people seemingly sick and lame crawled to the pool to wash because they believed it had magical effects to relieve their pain when taking a slosh

One day as I was crying to ask someone to take me to the pool
so many just walked on by and considered me a fool

Yet, a new stranger came by and looked upon me with a tear in his eye and asked me " Brother, how long have you been this way?"

I said to him, " I'm embarrassed to say most of my living days because I can't get anyone to help me to the pool and I feel like a fool"

The stranger sighed and said, "The only person telling you are a fool is you, and I ask you do you want to walk or depend on others to carry you?"

I thought for a moment who is this stranger to tell me of my ways looked at me in such a somber gaze

The stranger said " You have a choice either sit and wait for the remainder of your life hoping for someone to bail you out,

Or get off your lazy a** and wipe off your lame sad pout and stand up and walk to your way out and meet your salvation having no doubts

I decided to give it a try as I wiped a tear from my eye and sure enough I began to feel the strength to stand and walk and
I leapt for joy and said Oh boy!

I looked around for the stranger to give him my embrace but, he disappeared without a trace

I realized one idea I at one time thought I couldn't walk
I was so excited I could barely talk
Yet, I had to make that decision to either sit and wait for others to carry me to the pool

Or do it myself knowing I can't depend on anyone but, God and his sovereign rule
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 1
About this poem:
This idea came after watching a movie about the book of John in the new testament

Overall, the idea is clear don't expect anyone from CS or other social media to show or take you to the pool of healing, knowledge or love.

As most will just walk on by

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EXRED3online today!
wow now what a poem yep strength in the main comes from within.

I sometimes feel age is carching me up --- so i run a little faster grin

Stay well enjoy your poems teddybear
southmiami4321online today!
In the pool of life, there is much swimming altogether. Some make it to the finish line, others stay way back, even some can drown making it. Yet in that pool, there are some that can help you gain your strength because we all can become weak at any time when our strength within gets exhausted.SM
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