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Little Lady

Little Lady

by Jim V

I am lost in silence no freedom for me. all the pain you left, im surprised i didn't bleed. you crushed my heart within your hand, was that little lady all a part of your plan. i gave everything i had and all that i was, all of my soul and all of my love. but you did't want me it was him you chose, to care for you your heart he now holds.

After a year and a half of love and devotion, unrelenting passion and over whelming emotion. im left here little lady all alone, sitting in silence in what was once called our home.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
i just thought it would be cool to get involved in some stuff being new and all. this i wrote when my x of 1 1/2 years left for an old friend of hers.

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Flip side. Tell me, is this or you aint got shit more your style.
i do a little of everything i play music in my band and i write all the time i read allot and i just like to chill so both are me it just depends on the mood im in.
This ones more poem and less rap...Both dope tho...drinking
I like this part: "After a year and a half of love and devotion, unrelenting passion and over whelming emotion" It has a nice flow.
nice write...
thank you all very much.
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