I want to write a poem
But I'm not sure if I should
It's about the process of aging
And the effects which are not so good

Anyway, here I go and
No matter what you may think
The time will come when
Your health will not be in the pink

Your skin will start to sag
And wrinkles will appear
It's a natural process
One which you should not fear

Your body joints which once had
A lot of flexibility
Will begin to tighten up
And cause you pain and anxiety

Your ability to focus
And to multi-task
Will weaken as you age
And become a thing of the past

You may find yourself asking
Did I do that or not?
For your sake I hope
That does not happen a lot

Some folks reading this may say
Such things will not happen to me
In response I say to you as you age
Let us just wait and see
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2023
About this poem:
effects of aging

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Socrates, Yes it is so. I'm still working a most physically taxing job and suffer the consequences if I don't heed your important advise. Growing older presents some physical limitations we never needed to be too concerned about before. Thanks for your insights. wave
great poem and so glad i did things before this ageing caught up with me i have my memories and a bucket list of gentler things to do peace teddybear
I'm in denial. laugh
Aging is a must, and does have a few benefits. However, if I had a choice, I'd either slow it down significantly or abstain altogether.grin

Thanks for
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socrates44online today!

. "Growing older presents some physical limitations we never needed to be too concerned about before."

Thanks for your comment.
Best wishes!
socrates44online today!

Wise move by a wise person.

Take care
socrates44online today!

denial with a smile is ok

Best wishes
socrates44online today!

As you stated, aging is a must.
Thanks for your comment.
socrates44online today!

Thank You
southmiami4321online today!
Socrates, aging will come to pass. We just have to make the best of it. Taking care of ourselves to limit its consequences. If we reach old age, it's a blessing, mostly if we maintain a clear mind. The oldest lives ever lived in ages 117, 119, and 122 and numbers keep blooming...Thanks for sharing. SM
socrates44online today!

We just have to make the best of the aging process, as you said,
which is inevitable.
Thanks for your comment.
Hello my long ago friend, still writing strong poetry.
Yes we are all ageing but the memories we collect and hold safe inside are small boxes of treasure we alone hold, those never age.

Make those treasure's every day kiss teddybear
Well put... and understood! Very good works! Until then
Hi socrates. very good written quatrain. Enjoyed reading.. sensitive topic for many of us, I ve learned to accept my appearance at any age and find new inevitable changes as a given ones, which have its charms .. try to love yourself as you are.every age has its own benefits. Lily wine comfort
Great poem on a very natural, inevitable process of ageing. In a age where young people are being influenced and encouraged to inject chemicals in their bodies to slow the ageing process, prevent wrinkles and sadly ageism is evident in society, in the workplace and even on here with so many people preferring to date someone so much younger it is very refreshing to read your poem and the comments posted already.
It certainly does come to all who live long enough both physically and aesthetically. Genetics, stress and illness can affect our bodies and looks. Hopefully and thankfully some are able to accept and embrace the process and mature and age gracefully. ?? .
The ? was meant to be Hug
socrates44online today!

Yes, cherish those boxes.
Thanks for your comment,
socrates44online today!

Welcome to you and thanks for your comment.
Take Care.
Dear southmiami,
Nicely Done Dear ! I can relate, being Old…70 now !
And Yes You “Should” !
Please, Continue “Writing”with Such Insight as you Always Make Me
And Your Readers Laugggh laugh )))
Love David
heart beating
Great poem as always Socrates,
I often think that it's good to reach old age,
So many of our youth die without a choice.

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