Random Recollections - Deewhy

Memories of Deewhy:

Bracken fern and dandelions
Choko vine, tennis-court clay,
Lantana and jack jumper ants
which I always called hoppers.
Sand lions to which
I fed one by one
unfortunate small black ants.

The outhouse so cold
on winter nights
but rank and smelly
on hot summer days,
and the weekly dunny collection,
fraught with risk
on the slippery mud slope.

The fibro shed
pockmarked with arrow holes,
belt sander and drifts
of pale pink sawdust.

The outdoor laundry,
bath and copper -
one delightful day
converted to hotwater
and shower.

I can't quite remember
the rubbish collection
but surely it was
bin on shoulder
as with the 'dunny'
and at christmas
two or three
bottles of beer
and some coins
for the garbos.

The 50s, 70 years ago
Gone and scarcely regretted.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 27
About this poem:
as a 7-year old in Deewhy in the fifties - still horse-drawn bread cart and vegetable cart, Dodge truck with crank-starter.

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OMG doh i remember some of those days roll eyes good ones too most anyway laugh
I used to knock around that area, a bit. As a kid, in the 70's, and 80's, and as a young bloke in the 90's. I know place quite well...
* I know the place quite well, rather.
Not a bad poem, btw, quite evocative, of times gone by
Oceanzestonline today!
We had a bach in the country like that, was my job to remove the toilet container and bury the effluent under the pines. Hey we all got through!
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