This, a time in life dare i admit, I feel out of focus
A mariner on the sea of life, without a compass
It happens, but is it I'm just out of sorts
Or more serious, searching for a port
To rest up and take a much needed rest
Without feeling, I'm preparing to take a test
A place I can slip, take a holiday gain strength
Not knowing how long I'll flounder, time and length
Probably just a hic-cup, as I navigate my life
Accept what is on offer, smile without any strife
I do believe we have to experience down times
To appreciate special moments, to set in rhymes
Just around the corner, waiting to be found
Hope is a word, that my future must be bound
So I accept, the journey with hidden ends
Straight roads are boring, but take care on all bends
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 22

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Comments (6)

carlameeonline today!
Nice poem.
When life is out of focus nothing works.
Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment carlamee......appreciated.
wave wave
hoping you make port my friend! wine
Yes oceanzest....I was born to overcome life's hurdles, just I have to struggle to get some focus.....::laugh: and thankfully, I do have friends, but covid isolation means a delay in them realizing....but out of isolation now.
Thank you for reading and sending your comment;.....appreciated as always...... wave wave wave wave hug
southmiami4321online now!
Focus will center itself soon for you niah, glad you are out of your cocoon and ready to fly again... SM
thank you southmiami......hug
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