Where the Jacaranda grows

It's not from here as it happens
but it seems so quintessentially 'us'.
Come October November when it
brightly blooms it seems to burst the heart

With what surprise then there in China
April May, I saw it blooming
beside the statue of Deng xiaoping
Of all people just imagine!

And yet tonight watching 1923
What did I happen to see?
Set there in South Africa,
The brilliant flash of purple.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 26
About this poem:
That unmistakable wondrous colour

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In the bad weather we experienced recently, my poor Jacaranda suffered the most, with limbs scattered all over the front lawn.....hopefully the tree surgeon can make it at least look better, rather than worse....but I understand the effect their beauty has when in full colour...a sight to behold......wave
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