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10 years that sure has been a long time now I'm alone but I'm not sad anymore. My heart has grown my mind has lived and knows that I am someone I always wanted to be for sure. I feel now I am like a river that's been living for years but I'm just that bit that goes to the shore. 10 years yes it's been a wild ride with you and even though we are not together anymore we are friends till the end of the world And I'm taking my new steps to find my peace that I've always needed to be cured. I've always thought being alone was sadness and I tip my hat to the days with you that made me feel like I was nailed to the floor. I'm glad you're still my friend and I hope we both find another love for each we live we laugh we learn.
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Posted: May 6
About this poem:
This is about my ex-wife we found each other on this site we was together for 10 years our love bloomed even with bumps in the road but we mutually called it quits because we knew we wasn't meant to be.

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broken heart
Do injuries heal, which has experienced in (love-) relationships ?
Or do they remain scarred and burnt in and let the feelings petrify ?
This is a very good question and thanks for the comment problem is I have no answer for this because sometimes it's one and then sometimes it's the other
southmiami4321online today!
Sorry, you are by yourself again but still maintain a friendship.
I also found someone here in 2009 and made a big move to Ohio. Unfortunately, I would say he was not ready, it lasted for a short period, and after our breakup, we maintained a friendship. He passed away last year. I still maintain a connection to his family.
Now being single is not a problem for me. I enjoy my life as it is. SM
carlameeonline today!
Met on CS? Many say this site is not for dating.
Good for you. Ten years, now your back on the market.
Happy trails.
Thanks everyone for your comments and I wish everybody the best in their happiness
Fijivibe2020online today!
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