Winter thoughts

Enter the winter
rolling hail in the street
I think of refuge
after the roses have died
and the leaves have filled the streets
you feel the curl inside
the harboring of breath
as if the age will not pass
the secret is to lie in a hot tub
with the steam rising high
and whistle a merry tune
"Spring, wonderful spring.."
until the wine runs low
then off to bed you go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 13
About this poem:
Just pondering winter

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Yankee4youonline today!
O.Z. Hard to imagine life on the other side of the world and the world being a little upside down at times. I'm anxiously awaiting the danger of the last frost before planting my vegetable garden. Spring in New England! thumbs up thumbs down
Yes for us that's October Yankee, we have lingering frosts until then, upside down :)
Thanks for commenting, best for the vegetables!
carlameeonline today!
Stay warm at all cost.
godsprincessonline now!
I'm having the same problem as Yankee - waiting until after June 3rd as it almost always frosts in New York State if the full moon is in the first week off June! Makes for hard time to buy plants as usually garden centers are sold out before Memorial Day in May! Skimpy garden this year I'm afraid. Pray you will have a mild winter where you are.

Thanks for your wishes Carlamee and Kathy
Maybe some day I will make it to the land down under, this year I will settle for almost half way there in Hawaii.snowglobe
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