My little fireflies send me secret messages
Those flying ferries with magic wands
Three short blinks and three long
Each species a little different from the rest
Like the songs of chirping warblers
In the breeding canopies high in fir trees
I watch and wait with flashlights and nets
For you to appear after the sun sets
After its brilliant colors fade away
And before the first stars appear
I watch you dance and flash and play
Moments of seduction swing and sway
Or perhaps just luring in your prey
I know not exactly why you so delight
That growing twilight with your lights
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2023
About this poem:
I love those brief early summer nights when fireflies so delight my childlike curiosity.

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8Dreamsonline today!
fireflies innocent are sacred mystical creatures, (unfortunately far to rare, because to many predators)
8 Dreams Hundreds of species live in the US. Many rarer species live near old wetlands and bogs. Usually tell them apart by location and the pattern used to light up. It's funny, up in the northern states we called them Fireflies, but in the southern states they are called Lighting Bugs; however they are neither bugs nor flies......haha......they are beetles!! confused laugh
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