The Rose

Within the blood-red nature of this rose,
Runs sap of life - without impediment,
A scarlet ruffle, in the sunshine grows,
Amidst the thorns of our bewilderment,
That blooms in Spring, before the Winter snows,
Banish Autumn, and the flowers' raiment,
To Time;- as long forgotten love affairs;-
Her billets-doux, the wind takes unawares.

© lovecanbereal

Published: 27/5/23
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Posted: May 26

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Oceanzestonline today!
took me away on a breeze of text, nice post! cheers
lovecanberealonline today!
Thanks, mate...

southmiami4321online today!
LCBR, how you centered the rose with nature and what inspires you were gorgeous. Sending a bouquet of red roses with billets-doux to any female will make the wind lift her feet away...Nicely written. SM bouquet
lovecanberealonline today!
Thankyou SM, your thoughts are always appreciated. You have always been generous with your comments...

salamunaonline today!
A really beautiful write, "Amidst the thorns of our bewilderment" . roses are special flowers. re. Lily wave
A rose of a write, LCBR! I love the picture this work has painted. wine heart wings

Hope you are doing and keeping well. cowboy

lovecanberealonline today!

lovecanberealonline today!

From poet to poet, thankyou for those kind comments

We all have our love letters, written or spoken that curl up or fade and blow away.
But the memory of them and the feeling remains, that part is stamped on our soul, beautiful or painful.
Like the petals lush and sweet or ripped away, each one a reason to change your pathway, droop you head or look up towards the sun.

Beautiful words hug
lovecanberealonline today!
Thankyou, ladyjewel

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