Somewhere In Between

Headlights shine on rain slicken roads
Dotted lines and yellow ribbons glow
Staying between them steady as she goes
Mile after mile going all night
The darkness has only been growing
My thoughts are weighing me down
Waiting to see you again
When I find my way back home
In a quiet country where knowing
When we will be together again
I’ve been gone a long, long time
Drifting from one life to another
Picking up after all the broken lies
Shattered dreams in fields gone by
As helpless now as I am somehow
You have always saved me a seat
Your table overflowing fruits of love
Shared in the harvest gained from above
Maybe, maybe we have something
Created like we had the first time
When we fell down and laughed
In the tall green grasses of late spring
And somewhere in between found love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
This poem is about hoping to discover young love again.

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Comments (6)

Love is always young even if the body isn't.
Lovely word's teddybear
Sending Magic to help you find it .hug
southmiami4321online today!
Yanque, you are still there in the middle line to find love. Refreshing thoughts as written here will bring you there. SMheart1
Another good one Yankee, hope you find it!
Knowing what you want is half the battle while searching for a more meaningful life. I strive to find a more natural state and innocent sense of place and time.
8Dreamsonline today!
the best way to preserve nature is to have fewer people elephant
Nice poem.
Continue to try to find that needle in a hay stock or make adjustments. beer
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