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on your own by jim v

a glass his the floor,
you can hear fighting through the door,
so you hold your pillow close,
and say that tonight it'll all be fine,
well then they,
they brake down the door into your room,
you see the tears in your mothers eyes,
is this were you want to be?
in the middle of this screaming fight,
you cant take it anymore,
so you loose it,
just let it go,
then brake free from all the lies,
that they told you,
just let it go,
cuz youll be fine on your own...

on your own
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
i made this into a song after i wrote it.

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Comments (6)

a power vision of domestic violence jim, thanks for sharing it.
thank you i was trying to let people see a different side of my writing
I wrote one called "Violence" along the same subject matter...good write the style.
thank you laugh
So so sad the reading of this, but non the less true, Yes it would sound good to music, a wider audience too, these things have just gotabe saidhandshake
thank you very much head banger head banger
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