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My simple a smile today
I'm lookin' for my words i must
So many friends ,i have ,i trust
They help me a fast
I'm happy,i kiss them...the best
I can
No intention,for any blast
I don't
I understand the most,i'm doin' my best
I love your marks,your bumps
Hey,, jumps
And thanks wolf,i'm barklin' too
I'm lookin' for a friend,i miss too
I send my ten's ...or just one
Belongs to you to everyone
Hey,,Buddy...they change my moody....
What a Beautiful,you are..All
Sometimes i'm a bit of as***le
I've the impression is cool
A 'lol'
I know a lot,lot more
I learnt that you're a Soul
Thanks for readin' my stuff
No intention to play e role,a ball
You are my Whole.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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nice lines of growth and learning - thanks.
Thank you Agood
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by superman30 (67 Poems)
on May 2010
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