The night sky
Twinkles of lights
Steady as can be
While others flickering
Can be moving around
Stars or planets can excite us
Beyond our dreams
Venus, Mars, Jupiter
Neptune, the biggest of all
Our moniker star our sun
So close by
Stars are born
Stars die too
Small ones will cool down
Forming white dwarfs
Bigger ones become supernovas
With spectacular fates
The night sky looks to us
Like a two-dimensional bowl
Arching over head
Sprinkled with lights
Our earth's moon dangles its colors
Blue, harvest, wolf, blood
The northern and Southern Hemisphere
Are seen by astrologists
sightseeing constellations
Named by Grec and Roman Myths
Andromeda, Hercules, Pegasus
Doted figures of our Milky Way
Deep sky treasures travel
All along our galaxy
Asteroids, comets
Beautiful earth's auroras
Solar eclipses meet its corona
Mysterious black holes
With no time or space
Devours the fastest speed of light
Moon light is my true solace
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 4

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Indeed SM, its miraculous blues
We're just a grain of sand floating in the midst of it all. I'm a big fan of the moonlight also.

"Moon light is my true solace" too SM. Nicely done. bouquet
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