To The Knight of a Sleeping Warrior (Part One) To be Continued...

Men more than women kill themselves better: when they want to die
Yet through the mental fetter, few there truly be, who wants the suicide
Everyone has the liberty to lay-down, crawl, sit, walk, stand, or run
Yet no true freedom to explore wherefrom: comes the alleged: Moon, Stars, and Sun
Even a statue to drive Liberty home - Deep within the subconscious mind
Making you think you see - the land of the free - a carefully orchestrated lie
It is no Surprise - all the mournful cries - felt and heard across the land
The explorer inside - bound and tied - entrapped by the darkened hand

Not the darkened hand of an upset mortal or some leeching the heart: Egregore
These the works to bind your senses - for Liberty's sake - you'd forget her
Whilst freedom for some is just some personification of hope, desire, or will
One of many: the plethora of implanted thoughts, to born in you the Shill

It was the Emporer who bade - the order made - to divide the minds of the people
That they fight and war from attachments: to idols, graven images, and the Steeple
From the lowliest-of-thoughts to the highest ideals - woman and man would fail
To stop the fight - that for Liberty - they'd dance, salute, and hail

Whilst giving you the middle finger if you question their broken Sail
And claim it all to be the rule of law - or legal Statute from the State
To scoff, belittle, slander, and discredit you - even throw you in jail
Tis no wonder within the woman and man - grows this incessant hate

Whilst they steadily-strive and angrily-push - to work for some they go
To feed their families, nurture their kids - can't blame them - tis all they know
Indentured Servants - The Maritime Law - slaves to the darkened hand - they serve
A more sinister plot - they'll never be caught - behind the curtains that grow
To mooch off their government's free hand-outs lower-slaves scramble to sow
The seeds - unbeknownst to their minds the sequels - the daily plot of the show

It's all a lie to entrap the people - giving up Freedom for Liberty - just a guise
A system in place that's worked for years - Fooling the Smartest of the Wise
Yet make no mistake about it - no matter what part you play - the worst has yet to come
For you like all the others - care not wherefrom - the alleged: Moon, Stars, and Sun
So you eat, you sleep, you work or play to drown the emotions and thoughts inside
And after finally having enough - like all the sheeple - you contemplate suicide
A reason-for-treason unto the Soul though on this earth - its work - not done
Then you gravely dare - and upon me stare - and judge me for wanting to kill
If you'd remember - twas in you that were born - that blistering hateful Shill

Then unto your vices, you turn - addictions galore - you search them all
To find relief from your mind - your bitter hell - again to your heart you fall
Yet killing yourself is fine - as long as its no one else - you'd say
Despite that murder-is-murder - even when done slowly - unto the self each day
Yet that will be accepted - for that is the way of the darkened strings
That hold you aright in submission - a puppet to hear - when it's told: it Sings
And you are no exception to-the-rules-of-the-game: your will is held at bay

And what have you done to lift the veil from other Sheeple's eyes
Or are you still stuck in the rut- of telling tales - to further your own demise
Or perhaps you are truly innocent - a victim of what others have done
If that be true - to an adult from youth - Surely you've questioned the lies
Lest you like many hath sworn to serve a system over you to rule
Making yourself to think - you've already won - A fantasy for which you'd drool
Yet I will say not one of you exists who bears not a responsibility in this
Never free -that for Liberty - the invisible ring on the darkened hand you kiss
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 25

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